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Miami Flat Rack Storage Containers

Florida Shipping Containers offers specialty containers at a low price. We offer 20ft, 40ft Flat Rack FL containers. If you need help or have any questions please call us 321-939-3470 or request a quote

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Flat Rack 20ft Shipping Container

Tampa 20ft Flat Rack shipping container

Typical Dimensions
Interior Width:   7'.8"
Interior Height:   7'.9"
Interior Length:   19'.3"
Cubic Volume:   1,165 cu ft
Door Width:   7'.8"
Door Height:   7'.5"
Gross:   67,200
Payload:   62,150
Tare Weight:   5,050lbs

Flat Rack 40ft Shipping Container

Miami 40ft Flat Rack shipping container

Typical Dimensions
Interior Width:   7' 9"
Interior Height:   7' 1"
Interior Length:   38' 7"
Cubic Volume:   2,250 cu ft
Door Width:   7' 8"
Door Height:   8' 5"
Gross:   62,500
Payload:   58,500
Tare Weight:   8,500


We Service Miami and all of South Florida. Give us a call for a Quote.


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